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CEntrance Mini-M8 Portable iDevice/USB 24bit/192kHz DAC/Headphone Amplifier

  • The best just got better Mini-M8 (pronounced: "mini-mate") is thinner and lighter than our best-selling HiFi-M8, making it our most portable DAC/Amp with the longest battery life. Yet, despite its slimmer size Mini-M8 packs additional features, such as four inputs, DSD playback and more! Mini-M8 is ideally suited for driving IEM headphones. Our flagship HiFi-M8 continues to be our most powerful amp -- it drives the most challenging over-head cans in the world. But if you prefer IEM listening, you don't need all that power -- and then Mini-M8 is for you! Mini-M8 features a laptop input with 24-bit/192kHz asynchronous USB interface, an iPhone/iPad/iPod input compatible with both 30-pin and lightning-based devices, a SPDIF optical, and a SPDIF coaxial input. That's four inputs in total! This unheard-of flexibility allows you to connect your Mini-M8 to any Digital Audio Player and be confident that your amp remains future-proof, even if you change DAPs later. With its unique combination of sound quality, portability, and function, Mini-M8 sets you apart to experience Audiophile sound anywhere you are. Reclaim your freedom from the confines of a home system -- experience your music anywhere

  •  DAC/Amp for IEMs
    Optical SPDIF input
    Coaxial SPDIF input
    Async USB audio
    iPhone compatible
    DSD playback
    Balanced outputs
    11-hour battery
    Ultra-thin chassis
    Choice of portable or desktop operation
    Plays music while charging
    Charges the iPhone when plugged into an outlet

  •  Freq. Response: 20 Hz...37kHz
    THD+N: 0.004%
    S/N Ratio: 83dB
    Output Power: 165mW each channel.
    Output Impedance, balanced and unbalanced: 1Ω
    Supported Headphones 16...300 Ohm
    External power supply: +9...20VDC, full internal regulation
    Supplied power supply: Worldwide voltage range. Powers Mini-M8, Charges Mini-M8 and the connected iPhone/iPad/iPod, all at the same time.

  •  1 x CEntrance Mini-M8 Portable iDevice/USB 24bit/192kHz DAC/Headphone Amplifier