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[COMBO] Beyerdynamic Xelento + CEntrance Mini M8 + Shure BT Cable

Beyerdynamic Xelento

The dynamic Xelento remote in-ear headphone is based on the Tesla technology providing an extremely homogeneous, balanced sound. The Tesla driver used does not only feature a crystal clear sound, but also an enormous high efficiency, which is achieved by a powerful neodymium ring magnet. The extremely slim and lightweight design with ergonomic housings perfectly adapted ear-tips is using the anatomy of the human ear as a model and ensures an excellent comfort when wearing with a maximum ambient noise attenuation. The Xelento remote is supplied with two cables. One cable has an in-line universal remote control to connect to compatible smartphones and tablets, the additional cable included is a standard audio cable without remote control. The ultra-flexible cables with silver-plated conductors are guided behind the ears to maximize the comfort and to avoid annoying cable noise. The remote control has an integrated microphone and three buttons to control the volume and music playback as well as the acceptance and ending of calls.

CEntrance Mini M8

Mini-M8 features a laptop input with 24-bit/192kHz asynchronous USB interface, an iPhone/iPad/iPod input compatible with both 30-pin and lightning-based devices, a SPDIF optical, and a SPDIF coaxial input. That's four inputs in total! This unheard-of flexibility allows you to connect your Mini-M8 to any Digital Audio Player and be confident that your amp remains future-proof, even if you change DAPs later.

With its unique combination of sound quality, portability, and function, Mini-M8 sets you apart to experience Audiophile sound anywhere you are. Reclaim your freedom from the confines of a home system -- experience your music anywhere.


Shure Bluetooth Cable

MMCX connectors for most Shure Sound Isolating earphones provide hour-after-hour of listening enjoyment with the freedom of wireless and simplicity of Bluetooth. Sound Isolating design featuring comfortable sound isolating sleeves blocks up to 37 dB of ambient noise; prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience. Enclosed, rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives up to 8 hours of listening from a single charge; fast charge for up to two hours from just 15 minutes of charge.