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Final Audio Design

Final Audio Lab II

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With a unique shape that can only be created using a 3D printer, a vast sound field never seen before is achieved.
When using an open-type large-bore dynamic driver unit, it was difficult to lengthen the range of both high and low frequencies, and the spread of the bandwidth was limited. With LAB2, using a mechanical equalizer shaped using a 3D printer has achieved a form previously not possible with manufacturing methods up until now, and we've improved high frequency characteristics. The back has been made full open; the sound conduit at the front suppresses interference from the front and back of the diaphragm, resulting in an improvement in low frequency characteristics. With the mesh form on the outside of the housing, a very slight space between the auditory canal and the housing has been designed, and a natural sound field free from occlusion is realized. This special shape, the result of our pursuit of sound, was achieved using a 3D printer.

Housing : Created using a 3D printer, 64 titanium polished finish
Driver : 15mmΦ dynamic
Connector : MMCX
Sensitivity : 110dB
Impedance : 22Ω
Weight : 31g
Cord length : 1.2m

Brass Carry Case x 1
Replacement Adhesive Dust Fliter x 1
Final Audio Lab II x 1