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Final Heaven IV Balanced Armature In-ear Earphone

  • Our special BAM mechanism has evolved earphone body design into a simpler, slimmer structure. And sonically, heaven IV achieves the truest possible expression of live concert hall sound.
    Our special BAM (Balancing Air Movement) Mechanism, which optimizes air movement inside the housing, has pushed the evolution of earphone body design to the next level with a simpler structure and slimmer body. The result is a balanced, natural sound that reduces unwanted sibilant high-frequency sounds. The heaven Ⅳ delivers deep spatial expression and a true “live sound” atmosphere.


    • BAM mechanism optimizes the air movement inside the housing
    • Original balanced armature driver unit
    • Highly-rigid chrome copper housing
    • Original ear pads
    • Original flat cable eliminates “touch noise”
    • Bam vent parts without an actual vent, preventing sound leakage

    • Housing – Chrome copper
    • Custom-made balanced armaturer
    • S.P.L 112 db
    • Impedance 16
    • Length of cable – 1.2m
    • Weigh 16g


    • Final Audio Design Heaven IV Earphones
    • Deluxe storage case
    • Ear tips in two different textures (S/M/L)