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Firestone Audio

Firestone Audio Beyond HD Class A Headphone Amplifier + Supplier HD Power Supply Unit

  • The BeyondHD is a Pure Class-A Headphone Amplifier with low noise and low distortion features. Adopting both Series (high linearity) and Shunt Types (low noise) can let the users select their ideal type of volume control. Using Japan ALPS VR with stable and durable features and owning high awareness. BeyondHD can easily make you enjoy high-quality and awesome sound.

  • Amplifier Structure: Coupling capacitor less, Single-End with Class-A
    Gain Control: High / Low (attenuation 15dB)
    Headphone Impendence: 32 ohm to 600 ohm
    Frequency response (40Hz ~ -0.01dB) : +0.03dB ~ -0.01dB
    Noise Level: -113.2dB

  • Power Structure : Virtual-Ground power supply
    Amplifier Structure : Coupling capacitor less, Single-End with Class-A
    Gain Control : High / Low (attenuation 15dB)
    Volume Control : Series / Shunt mode selectable
    Headphone Impedence : 32 ohm to 600 ohm
    Circuit Protect : Output short / Over current protect
    Power Input : Dual Supply
    DC Jack (2.0mm)
    Line Input : RCA Jack
    Line Output : 6.3mm PhoneJack
    OPAmp : TI - OPA2227
    DC Servo : TI - TL072
    Audio Performance
    Frequency response (40Hz ~ 15kHz) : +0.03dB ~ -0.01dB
    Noise level : -113.2dB
    Dynamic range : 112.9dB
    THD% : 0.0002%
    Stereo crosstalk : -104.3dB
    System Requirements
    Using in any equipment with Line out function

  • BeyondHD
    DC24V 0.5A power adapter
    User manual
    Warranty card

Supplier HD Power Supply Unit

SupplierHD is an External Power Supply Unit. High quality regular setting can be effectively reduce the electronic ripple. Adopting dual-supply can offer the cleaner and stable power source. SupplierHD can collocate with FSA products with the new HD version in order to enhance the machine functions and enrich sound quality.

* Power Structure: Dual voltage linear regulator
* Output Voltage: +-12.5V
* Output Current: 0.6A (Max)
* Circuit Protect: Over current protect

* Power Input : AC Jack (3P) *1
* Regulator Input : Dual Supply *1

System Requirements
* FireCute Series, Equipment with Dual Supply input can be used

* SupplerHD
* 3P Power cable
* Connect cable x 2
* User manual
* Warranty card

* Weight: 1268g
* Net Weight: 768g
* Size(H*W*D): 308mm * 201mm * 65mm
* Net Size: 137mm * 80mm * 53mm