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Package Content

- FIBAE™ Technology
- Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVA) Driver
- Dual 8mm Graphene Isobaric Woofer
- eBFC - eBassFlow™ Control
- 3D Printed Enclosure and Precision Engineering

  • ATH features a cutting-edge hybrid architecture design consisting of FIBAE technology to bring flat impedance and corrected phasing to an isobaric dual dynamic driver-based system. ATH utilizes advanced Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVATM) Driver coupled with 3 mid-range balanced armature drivers housed in a digitally designed acoustic chamber.

    ATH’s faceplate design employs a new technique called Electroless Immersion Gold, the unique process allows us to achieve complex designs over tiny acre of space.

  • FIBAE™ Technology

    Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone (FIBAE™) technology is the world's first, revolutionary, In-Ear Monitor design providing flat impedance and phase. By changing Balanced Armature driver character from inductive to resistive Custom Art solved one of the oldest problems in the industry – dependence on output impedance of sound source for correct earphone output. With FIBAE™ technology your earphones will always perform best from any DAP. FIBAE is graciously licensed to AAW by Custom Art Poland.

    Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVATM) Driver

    In this hybrid structure, we choose to use a specially designed armature driver with an open front acoustic vent and embedded it deep into the ATH's 3d printed nozzle. The proximity to the user eardrum eliminates sound pressure decay and any unwanted resonance in a typical tubed balanced armature design.

    Dual 8mm Graphene Isobaric Woofer

    The 8mm dual isobaric woofer is equipped with dual diaphragms and high strength neodymium magnets. The isobaric design offers reduction in low range THD and higher sound pressure output in comparison to typical dynamic woofers. By further utilizing acoustic filtering technique, it is to only function in minimal overlapping frequency range as opposed to the balanced armature drivers. It pushes the bass performance to a new level in the ATH while not overpowering the rest of the spectrum.

    eBFC - eBassFlow™ Control

    The integration of a newly developed eBFC system allows users to select 4 distinctive sound signatures, rendering ATH one of most versatile performer in handling different sources and use case scenarios. The 4 settings not only differ in sound signature delivery but also vary in impedance and sound pressure level.

    Sound Signature

    ATH is tuned with a vigorous and lively sound signature in mind, it offers a natural but hard-hitting sub-bass, which you will never find in a full balanced armature setup. FIBAE mid-woofer driver delivers smooth and precise mids. The dedicated NOVATM driver offers crystal clear details in the upper mid and high range. The treble extension is well controlled to provide a non-fatiguing listening experience. ATH delivers expansive headroom, high fidelity with extreme dynamic range and fast transient responses.

    Suitable for band performances, performing artists, worship events, audio engineering and anybody who appreciates exceptional listening experience.

  • Sensitivity

    105dB SPL@1Khz


    <=0.5% @1mW@1Khz






    3D Printed Enclosure

  • 1 x AAW ATH drivers
    1 x 48" Null Audio Lune UPOCC Copper Detachable Cable
    1 x AAW Carrying Case
    1 x eBassFlow™ Control adjuster
    1 x Assorted Ear Tips