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AVIOT TE-D01b True Wireless Earbuds

The TE-D01b true wireless earphones from the Japanese audio brand AVIOT deliver world-renowned Japanese sound quality and up to nine hours of playback time on a single charge.
These true wireless earphones have been hotly anticipated since word of their development first spread, with consumers backing their crowdfunding project to the tune of 20 million yen.


  • The TE-D01b earphones are equipped with the QCC3026, the latest chipset from Qualcomm, which provides a drastic improvement in reception over previous chips. Another significant boost to reception has been provided by the repositioning of the TE-D01b's antennae. The combination of a high-quality driver unit that delivers high speed and wide range with AVIOT's commitment to "Japan Tuned" audio produces stunning fidelity and sound quality that were once thought impossible for true wireless earphones.

    Incredibly Long Playback Time

    By combining its energy-saving design know-how with the outstanding performance of the new QCC3026 chipset, AVIOT has created lightweight earphones, at a weight of approximately 4.5 grams per earphone, with a maximum music playback time of 9 hours. The earphones are rechargeable, and their charger case is equipped with a high-capacity battery.

    aptX Codec Supported for High-Quality Sound

    The audio codecs supported by Bluetooth include the standard SBC, as well as AAC and aptX. When used with an Android device that supports aptX, the TE-D01b allows listeners to enjoy wide-range sound at a higher bandwidth than that offered by SBC and AAC, which use psychoacoustic masking to cover compression-related audio loss. aptX also offers lower audio latency, at about 1/3 the theoretical latency figure of SBC.

    Resistant to Drop-Out

    Until now, true wireless earphones have had the disadvantage of frequent sound drop-outs when in crowds, on trains, and in other places where large numbers of high-frequency signals are present. While developing the TE-D01b, AVIOT conducted field tests in six of Japan's largest cities: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. In order to make the best possible use of the outstanding reception performance of the QCC3026 chipset, the TE-D01b's designers have taken care to optimize the earphones' wiring and the positioning of the antennae. These and other steps have resulted in a design that keeps drop-outs to a minimum.

    Resistant to Sweat and Rain

    Thanks to enhanced sealing of their external parts, the TE-D01b earphones have a water resistance rating of IPX7. They can handle the high quantities of perspiration that come with intense workouts at the gym or long runs. Even a sudden downpour is no problem for the TE-D01b.

    High Performance Made Easy and Hassle-Free

    Pairing the TE-D01b with a smartphone is a snap. Once they have been paired, the earphones will connect to the smartphone automatically whenever they are removed from their case, making it easy and painless for users to access their music. Holding down the button on one earphone will automatically power down the other earphone as well. Every aspect of the TE-D01b earphones illustrates their designers' commitment to conserving power.

    2019 VGP Grand Prize and Gold Award Winner

    In the 2019 edition of the VGP Awards, Japan's most prestigious audio-visual awards, the TE-D01b was awarded the Wireless Prize as well as the Gold Award in the Bluetooth True Wireless Earphones.

    What is Japan Tuned “Sound of Japan”?
    We carry out flat tuning, from low tones to high tones, taking into consideration the high sensitivity that Japanese, as well as other Asian people, inherently possess. Wireless earphones that are made by Western manufacturers and provide stimulating sound quality with the lows and highs boosted were mainstream, but one could say that AVIOT’s products provide a sound that is the polar opposite of that. We say that it is the “sound of Japan,” but this is not something just for Japanese people, but also the “sound of Japan” targeted at people from all over the world who love music.

    Color variations: Black/Gunmetal/Navy
    Bluetooth: Ver.5.0
    Chip: Qualocmm QCC3026
    Codex: SBC,AAC,aptX
    Profile: A2DP,HFP,HSP,AVRCP
    Playtime (earbuds only): 9 hours
    Playtime: 81 hours (with charging case on the go)
    Waterproof: IPX7
    Noise cancellation: Passive
    Noise isolation: Yes
    Stereo Calling: Yes
    Earbud: 4.5g
    Charging case: 85.5g

  • AVIOT TE-D01b Earphones
    Micro USB Cable
    Ear piece S/M/L each 1pair
    SpinFit SS/S/M each 1pair
    User's Manual
    Product warranty registration card