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[INTRO PROMO] 1Custom Ear Sleeves for Apple Airpods

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Are your Airpods falling out of your ears?
Afraid to jog, skip, sprint with them?
Hesitant to commute using them?
Cannot swim with them?? Just kidding, you can't use them for swimming.
But seriously, fear no more. Make your 
Airpods unique and secure!
Use them anywhere because you should be able to!
Customize them at Jaben SG now!

  • Introducing the Ultimate Airpods Add-on; 1Custom Earsleeves
    - Are your Airpods falling out of your ears?
    - Are you hesitant to jog, skip, sprint with them?
    - Do you want your Airpods secure?
    - Do you want to use them anywhere as it was intended?

    Why 1Custom Airpod Earsleeves?
    - At least 50% of people cannot use earphones as they fall out and there is nothing one can do about it until now.
    - With the tailored Custom-Fit-Earsleeves Add-on for your AirPods, you will have an incredibly awesome fit you never thought possible.
    - A good fitting earphone means a good seal and results in a better bass, clearer mids, and highs. The sound enhancement is a huge improvement you never thought possible.
    - Your hearing is protected as you will automatically use a lower volume and this protects your hearing.
    - Good hygiene practices. You would not share your toothbrush or other personal effects. Having a Customised AirPods discourages people from borrowing. It fits you and no one else.

    - Soft silicone for perfect fit and comfort.
    - Custom-fit soft silicone earsleeves ensuring a perfect seal and comfortable fit to ensure no noise leaks. You hear what was intended to be heard.

    Customized Fitting
    - If you live in Singapore
        1) Visit our store for an ear-impressions fit-out by our experienced personnel.
        2) We have been taking ear-impressions since 2005 for Customised earphones and earsleeves.

    - If you do not live in Singapore
        1) Visit a reputable audiologist Ask him/her to make an open jaw impression up to the second bend
        2) If in doubt, please get your audiologist to contact us: orders[at]

  • 1Custom Ear Sleeves x1
    Carrying Case x1