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Aviot TE-BD21f Triple Driver True Wireless Earbuds

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The world's first * hybrid triple driver for a completely wireless earphone. The audio expert team of AVIOT has gathered all the power to make a sound design that sounds beautifully from the ultra low range to the high range, and carefully tunes the 0.1bB level. It does not take the illusion of boosting the low range and high-quality sound, and based on a flat tone balance to the last, both the sound image localization feeling that the vocals give up and floats in front of the eyes, and the spacious sound field feeling I was allowed to. Please try the sound quality of the highest level of complete wireless earphones, created with exactly the same idea as high-end full-size audio. * As of July 2019. Our investigation.


  • Aiming for the pinnacle of Japan's complete wireless earphone
    Dynamic and balanced armature driver movements in the crossover band with a hybrid triple driver, advanced acoustic design with approximately 2 years of trial and error, and a listening test of over 3,000 hours Even the slightest sense of incongruity due to the difference in characteristics has been suppressed to the limit, and it has succeeded in achieving both delicate and high-speed mid-high sounds and flat and low-distortion bass reproduction. (In order to bring out the original performance of a hybrid driver, we recommend aging for at least 30-50 hours. You should be able to enjoy the sound growth.)

    Hybrid driver
    A hybrid type that combines a dynamic driver with low distortion in the low frequency range and a balanced armature driver that is highly sensitive, high-speed, and good at playing mid to high frequencies, is one of the ideal speaker configurations. However, it is difficult to design and miniaturize crossover circuits, and power consumption increases, so there are few examples of adoption in wireless earphones. AVIOT has mobilized its integration technology and power-saving technology to clear the challenge. Realized downsizing and long playback.

    The dynamic driver is equipped with a large neodymium magnet to enhance the responsiveness to the utmost limit, and uses an ultra-lightweight, high-rigidity PET titanium composite vibration plate that has been carefully selected through repeated listening tests. The balanced armature driver uses a custom product that is tuned exclusively for AVIOT, focusing on the good connection with this high-performance dynamic driver.

    Lightness like a wing that I don't think is a hybrid TWS
    By adopting the latest SoC QCC3020 and the low power consumption design of AVIOT, we realized continuous playback for up to 7 hours * despite the lightweight body of only 5.4g on one side. The SoC also features TrueWireless Stereo Plus, a left and right independent communication standard. In combination with a compatible smartphone, the left and right earphones communicate independently, making them more resistant to jamming and enabling more stable playback. * When using a higher-quality aptX codec, depending on the radio wave condition and volume, the playback time may be shortened by about 20-30%.

    Charging case that protects and charges high performance
    It has a sleek design and is lightweight (about 51g), but it has a large-capacity battery that can charge the earphones about 3 times. Up to 25 hours of playback is possible with earphones. A USB Type-C terminal is used to further improve convenience.

    With AVIOT, you will be connected more
    Utilizing high-frequency circuit design technology and mounting know-how, the built-in antenna of the earphone body is newly designed. We have succeeded in minimizing sound interruptions even in places with severe radio wave environments such as trains and station premises. Enjoy your favorite music anywhere comfortably.

    Aluminum body
    The knurled part of the earphones uses discerning parts carved out of pure duralumin. In addition to good touch, it can also be expected to reduce the effects of external noise. Since it is something that I usually carry with me, I made every effort to create every detail.

    Includes AVIOT-only SpinFit® earpieces
    SpinFit is a popular product with a patented structure that changes the angle of the eartip umbrella according to the shape of the ear. It has been supported by developers as well as users who are particular about sound quality and fit, such as being adopted as a standard option for earphones of audio brands that are particular about the sound of countries around the world. This time, CP355, an earpiece made by SpinFit, dedicated to AVIOT, is included.

    Comes with a strap to prevent loss
    Comes with a strap that connects both earphones so that they won't be lost if one side of the earphones falls. Even during sports such as running, you can use it without worrying about falling.

  • Basic specifications
    Drive system:Hybrid type with dynamic and balanced armature type drivers
    Driver:Dynamic type x 1 Balanced armature type x 2
    Driver size:9.0mm (dynamic type)
    Built-in microphone for calls:MEMS microphone
    Playback frequency:20Hz-20kHz
    Earphone weight:5.4g
    Maximum talk time:5 hours
    Maximum playback time:7 hours
    Charging time:About 2 hours
    Charging port:USB Type C
    Waterproof standard:IPX5

    Bluetooth specification
    Supported codecsSBC, AAC, aptX
    Supported profilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
    Bluetooth version5.0
    Number of devices that can be registered for Bluetooth multi-pairing7 Bluetooth multipoint1 device

  • Accessories:
    One USB Type C x 1
    Standard earpiece (one pair of each color, one pair S / M / L) x 1
    SpinFit CP355 (one pair each size SS / S / M) x 1
    Silicone strap x 1
    Cleaning cloth x 1
    Storage pouch x 1
    User manual x 1