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[PRE-ORDER] Cayin N6ii TI with R01 Motherboard [LIMITED EDITION]

comes with ONLY the R01 in a limited edition titanium color.
Stock arriving End of June 2021

  • The N6ii-Ti will pre-install our latest 24Bit Discrete R-2R R01 Audio Motherboard and it will become the first Android based, streaming ready R-2R DAP in the market
    The N6ii-Ti chassis is CNC from a solid piece of Titanium, we use Grade 2 Titanium which is the “workhorse” of the commercially pure titanium industry and is widely used in Medical and Marine industries. Titanium is roughly 30% stronger than Steel but nearly 50% lighter. However Aluminium is lighter than Titanium, that's why the N6ii-Ti is weighted at ~390g, roughly 100g heavier than the original N6ii. Due to Titanium's weight, strength and high corrosion resistance property, it is an ideal material for chassis of expensive and delicate equipment. The circuitry and electronic components of the two N6ii are identical, and they run on the same set of hardware, their only difference is replacing the aluminium chassis with Titanium chassis.

    There are several questions we want to clarify before we move on:
    1) Will N6ii-Ti and N6ii sound different? Probably will, because the grounding and EMI shielding are different, but the difference should be minimal and we'll leave the final judgement to users.
    2) Can you use another Audio Motherboard with N6ii-Ti? Yes you certainly can, but since R01 is the only Audio Motherboard that available in the Titanium version, all other Audio Motherboards are black aluminium exclusively, it will look a bit odd when you insert other Audio Motherboard into N6ii-Ti.
    3) Will the R01 bundled with N6ii-Ti sounds different from the black aluminium R01? Probably won't, the only difference is EMI shielding and we have made the appropriate adjustment in N6ii-Ti to compensate for the EMI difference.