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[COMBO] Grado GR10e & Luxury Precision LP3 Digital Audio Player

Learning never ends and the GR10e is a result of a constant desire to look at designs and materials and improve upon them. A higher level of precision and new materials allows for the performance of the GR10e to add frequency extension in both the high and low ranges as well as reducing distortion.

Driver: Moving Armature 
Connector: 3.5mm stereo mini-plug 
Frequency Response: 20 -20,000 Hz 
Sensitivity: 113dB/1mW 
Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms 
Max Input Power: 20mW 
Cable: 51"/130cm 
Weight: 9 grams 

Includes: 3 pair ear tips (S M L) proprietary blend of two silicons 
Ear wax proof cloth x4 
Ear wax proof cloth ring x2


L3 portable balanced HIFI player
Portable HIFI players hard decoding a variety of DSD format
With a balanced interface, up to 110DB channel separation
Low background noise, especially for high-sensitivity armature earphone
USB DAC function, don’t need additional driver

-Model: L3
-Screen Size:3.5inch
-Screen: resolution 480 * 320 OGS full lamination capacitive screen
-Master: 1812C
-DAC chip: Cirrus Logic flagship professional D / A chip CS4398
-Crystal: 1PPM TCXO
-Op: 1812O
-Amp: 1812A
-Coprocessor: 1812M
-Power management chip: 1812P
-Inductance: TAIYO electromagnetic inductance
-Filter capacitor: ESR MLCC Murata
-Buttons: ALPS buttons
-Built-in storage: 16GB
-Audio Format Support:MP3,WMA,WAV,OGG,FLAC
-Extended Capacity: 128GB TF card support (need to be formatted as FAT 3 file system 32G)
-Life time: about 10 hours single-ended output, balanced output about 8 hours
-Charging standard: DC input voltage range of 4.8-5.2V, the power adapter is recommended to use the maximum output current of 1.5A or above adapter

Output interface:
-3.5mm single-ended headphone jack;
-2.5mm headphone jack balance;
-3.5mm Line Out / SPDIF output interface;
-USB data / charging / USB DAC interfaces
-Crafts: 6 series aluminum-magnesium alloy body, CNC integrated molding process, surface anodic oxidation brushed and sandblasting processing, back cover for carbon fiber CNC machining, 6 layer immersion gold PCB
-Dimensions: 60 * 114 * 15.2mm
-Weight: 165g
-Note: All Battery capability information depends on play settings and many other factors, the actual results may different