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[COMBO] Grado GW100 Wireless Headphones & Free Single Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor

*Single Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor only comes in translucent Red & Blue*


The first and only open-back Bluetooth headphone on the market. No compromises… it's a Grado®. The GW100 is the first Grado wireless headphone, featuring Bluetooth® technology. More than 25 years of experience designing the world's finest headphones naturally lead Grado Labs to developing the only open-back, Bluetooth headphone on the market.

Some might think wireless and open-back are an odd pairing, but now you can enjoy audiophile quality sound untethered. Whether you're fly-fishing or just cleaning the gutters, you don't want wires dangling. But you do want awesome Grado sound.

Grado's legendary driver technology, Bluetooth, padded headband, 15 hour battery life, and a lightweight comfortable design make them perfect for today's portable lifestyle. The large soundstage and detail only available from an open-back design, plus Bluetooth, coalesces into the perfect wireless headphone.


The Impossible Single Driver CIEM... always wanted to know if Customs is good for you? 
■ Don’t want to plonk big bucks and regret. Start with this entry-level CIEM! 
■ Want a simple CIEM just for the fun of it? 
■ You're a budding musician without loads of cash? 
■ Riding a bike and you need isolation?

Get it today with the awesome Grado GW100!!