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Copy of [Combo] GRADO SR325e + FREE HOHEM D1 Stabilizing Gimbal

GRADO SR325e Headphones

Delivering characteristic Grado clarity, energy, and immediacy, the Grado Labs SR325e are lightweight 'on-ear' headphones that will lift you up out of your seat and plant you within the circle of players onstage. Their look may perhaps be old-school retro, but the audio performance of these open-back cans is right up to date for listeners seeking a modern audiophile headphone with a brightly present, intensely clear tone. Fabulous synergy with iPad, iPhone and mp3 players.

Hohem D1 Stabilizing Gimbal for Mobile Phones

With visual auto-tracking shooting; Single click for 180°/360° panorama; Amazing APP interactions through bulit in bluetooth. Supports iphone 7plus/6S plus/6 plus, iphone 7/6S/6, iphone 5S/5/SE and Android smartphones between 2.3in-3.4in in width. Micro-USB port can charge a mobile phone or other devices as a portable power supply, enables to recharge mobile while shooting. Standard micro-USB charging port and built-in 18650 Li-ion battery support 12-hour continuous ultra-long work time. 1/4 inch screw hole on Bottom and back on, compatiable wtih more accessories.