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Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone

Symphony 1 embodies the precision and purposeful engineering that Definitive Technology is known for, delivering the very best sound quality and noise canceling experience. Featuring over-ear seal, Symphony 1 immediately drowns out surrounding noise so listeners can create their own Zen space and fully immerse themselves in remarkable sound. With wireless Bluetooth® connectivity for an unencumbered listening experience, a striking aesthetic, and 50 mm drivers for the broadest and richest soundstage, Symphony 1 is the ultimate headphone for the most discerning audio aficionados.

  • The Symphony 1 from Definitive Technology are a pair of Bluetooth, over-ear wireless headphones. They sport active noise cancellation which will work even without music playing, thus silencing your surroundings. These headphones are suitable for use with various devices such as portable phones, recorders, tablets, and more.

    Sporting 50mm dynamic balanced PET drivers, these headphones are constructed out of aluminum and soft leather to provide a listening experience as comfortable as it is durable. Various controls built into the right earcup allow you to adjust volume, control the playback of audio, and take phone calls. An on-board beamforming microphone, also located in the right earcup, provides clear and hands-free telephone communication.

    The battery life of these headphones is typically between 10 and 15 hours, depending on whether or not you have ANC (active noise cancellation) instantiated. A detachable 3.5mm auxiliary cable is included, and the headset can be operated with MP3 players and mobile devices, similar to conventional headphones. Also included are a USB charging cable and a handy carrying case.

    Active Noise Cancellation
    The Active Noise Cancellation feature can be turned on or off at any time by pressing the ANC toggle button. A short beep will be heard to signal this activity. You can also keep ANC mode enabled even without a music source playing, effectively silencing your surroundings. However, the headphones will automatically turn off to conserve battery life after three hours of inactivity (no music playing, no button presses).

    Passive Listening Mode
    While the Symphony 1 sounds best in powered mode, it still can be operated passively using the supplied auxiliary cable. This is especially convenient during periods in which you are looking to conserve battery life or are simply out of battery. In passive mode, however, all volume controls and telephone functions are disabled, as is the microphone.

    Battery Life to Spare
    With 100% charge, the Symphony 1's battery will typically last up to 10 hours when powered on at full volume with ANC enabled. With ANC turned off, the headphones will typically last up to 15 hours.  

  • Material of Construction: Aluminum and leather
    Enclosure Type: Over-ear
    Transducer: Dynamic Balance PET Driver
    Driver Size: 2.0" / 50.0 mm
    Bluetooth Codecs: aptX
    Bluetooth Protocol: 802.11a/b, 2.4 GHz, wireless
    Inputs: 1 x 3.5 mm, auxiliary; 1 x micro-USB, for charging
    Cable: Detachable 3.5 mm terminations
    Battery: Rechargeable, lithium
    Battery Life: (approx.) 15 hours

  • Symphony 1 headphones
    Custom protective case (soft travel pouch included)
    3.5 millimeter AUX cable
    USB charging cable