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Effect Audio



  • Maestro has a sound signature that has evolved from our acclaimed Ares II, smooth, balanced and warm sounding, yet revealing superior levels of detail in the mids and presenting more dynamic bass.

    Maestro makes a perfect replacement for most general use stock cables.


    • Triple size design is an upgraded version of multisided design which improves the micro-detail performance, has a better harmonic in full frequency.

    • Considering the usability for our target customers, we have used Kevlar in the wire to increase the durability of the cables. The Kevlar enhanced structure improves the flexibility of the cable, making it more suitable for daily use, even for active use.

  • Technical Specifications:
    26 AWG
    Selected UP-OCC Pure Material
    Golden Ratio Dispersion, Triple-Size Stranded Design
    Woven Kevlar-Infused Multi-Stranded Litz
    EA UltraFlexi Jacket
    EA Custom Designed Connector and Y-Split

  • Effect Audio Maestro