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** Seasonal: Only available till Oct 31st, 2021 **


  • With this Project 8 Campaign, Eletech focuses on redesigning one of the core products that are highly popular in the collection: “Plato”.

    Eletech overhauled and redesigned a core geometry component of the Plato, bringing it into a 7 core design while adding in a couple of attributes to accentuate the inherent traits of the “Plato” or “Socrates”. The specially crafted “P8 Plato” will not be available separately and only available during the Project 8 Campaign either infused into ‘Plato 8’ or ‘Plato X Socrates 8’.

    Project 8: Plato X Socrates features an incredibly lush and warm and beefy signature. Bringing in incredible dynamics without losing details and texture. Sound signature tends towards organic and smooth with a rounded and bass with good reverberation.

    ** Seasonal: Only available till Oct 31st, 2021 **

  • Specifications

    • 24 AWG, 8 Wires

    • Monocrystal Bespoke Silver (7 Core), Monocrystal High Purity Copper

    • 4 wires P8 Plato, 4 wires Socrates

    • Kevlar infused

    • Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry

    • Cryogenically Treated 

    • Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

    • Eletech Bespoke Solder

    • FlexiMax Insulation

    • ELETECH PLATO X SOCRATES 8 wires x 1