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FitEar Aya Custom In-Ear Monitor

  • "Aya" is a model developed based on experience in the C series and MH series aiming at a balanced sound, for a user to enjoy their favorite music purely.
    For the first time, FitEar introduced a 3D printer for Aya's manufacturing, further improving the fit and durability of CIEM shell.

  • Shell color/faceplate color
    FitEar Aya has a black shell/faceplate color only.

    You can enter the characters specified by the customer at the top of the shell. Up to 8 alphanumeric characters can be specified, and the left and right can be specified individually. Please note that illustrations, logos, special characters, and symbols cannot be used.
    *Please note that the colors of characters are only those specified by us and cannot be selected by the customer.

  • Constitution:  Balanced armature driver Undisclosed
    Cable: FitEar cable 006 3.5mm stereo mini-plug

  • Aya x 1 pair
    Pelican Case

    Soft case
    Cleaning Brush