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[Pre-Order] FitEar EST Ti Universal In-Ear Monitor

Leadtime 4-6 weeks time.
(Comes with 2.5mm balanced special cable included)

  • FitEar EST Ti Universal is the titanium case version of EST.
    The internal structure is the abbreviation of an electrostatic tweeter, which is "hybrid BA driver and electrostatic tweeter". Since electrostatic drivers require high voltage to drive, they must use an external driver unit, but FitEar EST Universal uses an electrostatic tweeter and a compact step-up transformer. Therefore, it does not require an external driver unit and can be directly plugged into and used through DAP like ordinary headphones. The outer shell of the FitEar EST Ti Universal has also been improved. It has a stable wearing feeling, will not feel tired even if it is used for a long time, and has a high sound insulation effect.

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  • FitEar EST Ti x 1
    2.5mm Balanced Cable x 1
    Silicone Eartips (S/M/L) x 1
    Pelican Case 1010 x 1