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FitEar MH334 Custom In-Ear Monitor

  • FitEar MH334 is based on the business for the custom ear monitors, was born as a model to enjoy more music. Each 1 group at a time in the low-pass and high-pass, place the driver of the 2 groups in the low-mid range, while maintaining the music to reproduce the exact sound.
    FitEar MH Series, Japan's leading mastering engineers, and welcomed the development and design articles for Mitsuharu Mr. Harada, while taking advantage of the characteristics of as a custom ear monitors, it has been made ​​sound making in which the mastering studio of a large monitor and reference.

  • 4x BA, 3-way crossover (1x Low, 2x Low/Mid, 1x High)

  • Speaker configuration
    Balanced amateur driver
    3Way / 3Unit / 4Driver
    Low-1 / Low · Mid-2 / High-1
    Input connector
    3.5mm stereo mini plug
  • PELICAN made ​​hard case
    a strong case I will firmly protect the custom ear monitors with built-in urethane foam.
    Soft case
    easily accommodated, and quickly retrieved when you want to use.
    Cleaning brush
    is useful to take the dust adhering such as the outlet of the custom ear monitors surface and sound.