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FitEar TO GO! 223 Universal In-Ear Monitor

  • Product Summary
    "FitEar TO GO! 223" is a universal type earphone that is used by attaching ear tips like canal type earphones, which was born from the custom ear monitor (CIEM) "Fit Ear Private 223".

    The sound of Private 223 is always easy The bright and powerful sound unique to the Private 223, produced by two driver configurations in the low and mid frequencies and one in the high frequencies, has been readjusted (retuned) in consideration of the sound connection and the high-frequency space. We deliver a well-balanced sound that covers a wide range of people from introductory earphones to Hi-Fi audio users.

    More comfortable with the oval horn stem FitEar's original oval horn stem, which combines a horn-shaped sound port (sound guide hole) and an elliptical cross-sectional stem, is used for the stem (ear tip mounting part). It fits various ear hole sizes and shapes and provides more people with a stable fit and sound insulation, as well as excellent sound quality similar to earphones.

  • - Constitution:  Balanced armature type driver 2Way / 2Unit / 3Driver (Low-Mid 2 / High 1)
    - Cable:  FitEar cable 013 3.5mm stereo mini plug

  • Accessory
    Pelican 1010 Micro Case x 1
    Eartips (S/M/L) x 1 set
    Cleaning brush  x 1
    Cable Clip x 1
    Mesh pouch x 1