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GoVibe DAC Box 24 Bits / 96 kHz USB Powered DAC & Amplifier

  • GoVibe DAC Box comes with a powerful and great DAC showcase. Which will create good and wide depth sound. GoVibe DAC Box will also enhance a better sound stage, with balanced sound DAC. This will definitely makes you feel satisfied to it's performance. GoVibe DAC Box comes with 24 Bits/ 96 kHz and bass enhancement feature and is also able to power up 250 Ohm headphones. GoVibe DAC Box Amplifier will definitely enhance a better sound and satisfy your sound needs!

  • Good and Wide Depth Sound
    Enhance better Sound Stage sound
    Enhance Balanced sound
    24 Bits/96 kHz
    Bass Enhancement
    Power up 250 Ohm Headphones
    Output Headphone Jack
    Gain and Bass selector
    Volume knot
    Line out L/R

  • 24 Bits/96 kHz
    10.4 cm x 7.4 cm x 2.8 cm

  •  01 x GoVibe DAC Box 24/96 USB Powered DAC & Amplifier