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Grado RS1e Reference Series Headphone

  • Ever wondered what hardcore audiophiles are hearing, and that you might be missing? The Grado RS1e is the point of no return so be warned, cross this threshold and you’ll never enjoy mass-market headphones again. Once you’ve experienced this elegant audio masterpiece you’ll grasp the reference.

    The new RS1e from Grado uses a different species of handcrafted mahogany from our previous models. The earpieces utilize an intricate curing process that optimizes the tonal quality while giving them a new look. The RS1e places a 50mm dynamic transducer and an 8 conductor cable design in an open-air configuration. The result is a smooth, controlled, and coherent sound with detailed dynamics. Frequency response ranges from 12-30 kHz and the drivers are matched to 0.05dB. Weighing 9oz, the headphones are an example of the wonders of Mother Nature with a gorgeous light mahogany look. The RS1e is a masterpiece in the Grado collection.

    The Grado RS1e brings a delicious layer of liquid goodness to the signature presence and fabulous musical clarity of John Grado's audiophile headphone line. Highly efficient at 32 Ohms and well-driven by portable audio players without a headphone amp required, these 'on-ear' reference cans have real mahogany wood earpieces, classic leather headband and proprietary Grado high-definition copper cabling. Also included with RS1 e is a handy Grado Labs 15ft headphone extension cord and 1/4'-to-1/8' flex 'mini' plug adapter.

  • Liquid, lush sound delivers classic Grado signature musical impact and presence
    Efficient 32 Ohms impedance easily driven by portable players without the need for headphone amps
    Excellent 15ft Grado headphone extension cord and 1/4" to 1/8" 'mini' plug adapter included
    Real mahogany wood shell earcup construction
    Engineered & manufactured exclusively in Brooklyn USA

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
    Operating Principle: Open Air
    Frequency Response: 12 - 30,000 hz
    SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
    Normal Impedance: 32 ohms
    Driver Matched dB: .05 dB  

  • 01 x Grado RS1E Reference Series Headphone
    01 x Grado story-sheet
    01 x 6.5mm Golden Adapter
    01 x Extension Cable