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iBasso DX200 True Reference Digital Audio Player

In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, iBasso has created a True Reference Digital Audio Player.

Dual ES9028PRO DAC Chips
Providing Ultra High Fidelity Sound

The ES9028PRO SABRE is a 32-bit, 8-channel PRO series DAC designed for the audiophile/music enthusiast who demands the highest quality and performance from the SABRE DAC lineup. It is based on the ESS patented HyperStreamDAC technology, giving an outstanding performance with a 135dB dynamic range (DNR), and -120dB total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD-N). The DX200 utilizes two ES9028PRO chips and each ES9028PRO has 8 DACs built-in. This means that the DX200 has 8 DACs in parallel for each channel. This design optimizes the THD+N, S/N, dynamic range, and crosstalk.

High-End Components to Ensure The Best Sound Quality

The DX200 utilizes two Femtosecond oscillators from Accusilicone. With the ES9028PRO's Jitter Eliminator, the DX200 ensures an extremely low jitter performance, with long-term stability of the signal.

Furthermore, the DX200 uses many low ESR capacitors, 0.05% high precision resistors, ultra low noise power regulators, high precision operational amplifiers, and a 6-layered gold plated PCB. All of these ensure the best sound performance with the lowest noise.

A replaceable AMP Card Design provides for more fun and more enjoyment of your music

With the DX200 patented AMP card card design with a number of future AMP cards, the DX200 provides a wide range of possibilities. Longer play time, synergymatching will be achieved with our different cards.

Default AMP card (AMP1) comes with 2.5mm balanced output, 3.5mm singled ended output, and the 3.5mm line output.


DX200 has the XMOS X208 USB receiver and uses the Thesycon USB driver. This allows the DX200 to be a full function USB DAC that stands alone as one of the best portable USB DACs on the market.

Superb Shielding from EMI and RF

A full metal case with the rigorous PCB layout, has allowed us to successfully prevent RF and WiFi interference. Even in a crowded environment, you can still enjoy music with the DX200 without interference noise.

4.2 Inch IPS High Resolution screen with OCA bonded touch screen

768*1280 high resolution Mitsubishi Optical glass 93% transmittance multi-touch

High precision CNC engraved aircraft aluminum