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[Jaben Combo] Shure SE215 SPE UNI & Audirect Beam Portable DAC Earphone Amplifier

This special combo includes the following items:

Shure SE215 SPE UNI x 1
Audirect Beam Portable DAC Earphone Amplifier x 1

Shure SE215 SPE UNI comes in Blue only


  • Sound Isolating Design (Special Edition)
    - Single Dynamic MicroDriver Earphones with detailed sound and enhanced bass extension, features an acoustical network tuned for extended bass performance.
    - Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, whether on-stage or on-the-go. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones require a proper fit to achieve the best sound.

    Unmatched Personalization and Comfort Ergonomic, Professional Design
    -Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
    -Over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way.

    Detachable Cable with Wireform Fit (iOS and Android Remote Control) 
    - Universal communication models (-UNI) come equipped with remote + mic control and selectable iOS/Android functionality with 3.5 mm connection.
    - Inline remote and mic on select models offers seamless control for phone calls, voice commands, and easily accessible operation of volume and music playback.
    - Durable Kevlar™ reinforced cable allows easy replacement or customization.
    - Formable wire ensures secure placement, and over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way.
    - Gold plated MMCX Connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit.

  • Beam portable decoder Amp, Make the phone/computer transform into professional HIFI player
    - ES9118 DAC
    - PCM/DSD
    - Improve sound quality
    - Eliminate noise
    - Compact size
    - Do not need to charge
    - Powerful independent high performance
               -DAC ESS SoC core ES9118
               -Noise ratio is 126dB,Total harmonic distortion plus noise-113dB,DAC support 32bit,dual sound, PCM32bit 384kHz and DSD128 decoder.

    - Strong power, support 300ohm earphone maximum
              - Beam's DAC belongs to ESS company of SoC core, not only have good decode ability, but also have an op amp ship.

    - Easily tuning, reject complex
              - The side of the DAC is equipped with a mobile phone volume adjustment button, which makes it easy to implement basic operations such as +/- volume

    One step in place, standard silver-plated cable
             - Silver-plated cable has better conductivity and corrosion resistance than conventional cable
             - Reduce the cost of subsequent cable replacement

    Small size and don't need to charge
    BEAM has a small body, easy to carry and a utility power supply, don't worry about charging

    Perfectly compatible with a variety of operating systems
    -iPhone/iPad/a series of iOS system/ Mac operation system
    -All kinds of Android mobile phone/pad/ car machine
    -Windows7/8/10 operating system computer

    Using the critically acclaimed ESS patented 32-bit HyperStream® DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9118 delivers up to 125dB SNR and –114dB THD+N, a performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

    THD Compensation,Minimize distortion from external PCB components and layout

  • Shure SE215 SPE Uni

    Sensitivity 107 dB SPL/mW
    Frequency Range 21 Hz – 17 kHz
    (SPE) Speaker Type Single High-Definition
    Impedance 17 Ω

    Audirect Beam Specifications

    Output Power:-114dB TND+N, 2Vrms into 600Ω
                              -108dB THD+N, 49mW into 32Ω 1.1Vrms,up to 1.1Vrms Frequency response:20-30000Hz(-0.15dB)
    S/N ratio:+125dB SNR, +120dB DNR
    Input supports PCM:PCM 16-32bit, 32-384KHz
    Input supports DSD:DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64/128/256
    D/A Chips:ES9118 SABRE HiFi SoC
    Amplifier Chips:ES9118
    Input port:USB-C
    Output Port:3.5mm
    L W H:52x14x6mm

  • Shure SE215 SPE UNI x 1
    MMCX Cable w Mic x 1
    Shure Olives (S/M/L) x 1 pair
    Shure Sillicone Tips (XS/S/M/L) x 1 Pair
    Earphone Pouch x 1

    Audirect beam
    Type-C to Type-c cable
    Type-C to Lightning cable
    Type-C to USB cable
    Type-C to Micro USB cable