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Mass Kobo Headphone Amplifier Model 424

  • 1)Balanced Out XLR 4 pin (Mass Kobo 424)
    2)Balanced circuit of model 404 which is one of the most popular models. 3)Smaller than 404; the number of power-supplying batteries is down to 4 instead of 6.
    4)No cable is used between the internal substrates, and all the connecters are gold-plated. The sound quality is clearly improved.
    5)Equipped with a mode change-over switch that enables you to connect both balanced and unbalanced output players.
    6)Equipped with the same output gain-changing switch as the one used in model 406.
    7)Now you can listen to all types of headphones and earphones, with both dynamic and balanced-armature drivers properly with a single amplifier.
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