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Opus #11 Ultra Slim Portable Audio Amplifier and USB DAC

This Portable Smart-Fi USB DAC & Amplifier is designed to present brand new experience of music listening directly from your smartphone, converting digital audio signal into the High-Res Smart-Fi analog sound. This will allow you to get the professional MQS sound by simple connection of Opus#11 directly to your device, serving as a medium and portable amplifier, to present the highest quality studio sound wherever you go.

Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) Headphone Amplifier
Ultra Slim High Definition & High-Resolution USB DAC

Opus#11 is probably one of the best possible solutions for your  High-Res audio experience you may ever find at the market. Super Ultra slim  7.9mm metal body comprises the high-end technology in the  DAC area.

The Bit has come up with a revolutionizing remedy to bring the unheard before sound to your daily life, whether you are commuting to work or enjoy your favorite music at home, in order to make  MQS accessible to the masses.

The XS1-U8A-64 (XMOS) has Eight-Core Multicore Microcontroller with Advanced Multi-Core RISC Architecture. This highest 32bit processor core is designed to provide powerful performance while you go.

The Sabre ES9018K2M delivers an unprecedented level of performance and spectacular sound quality up to 110dB dynamic range and 0.008% of total harmonic distortion

Opus#11 presents an ideal solution for stereo conversion from digital audio input in DSD formats of up to 32bit/384kHz.