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QDC Anole V6 Universal In-ear Monitors

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Note: Expected wait for CIEMs is 4-6 weeks.

  • Anole Series: 

    There is more than one year from QDC Gemini released in 2016, in this period of time this more FR changeable design gets great praise and high evaluation from masses of enthusiasts and audiophiles, so we developed this more changeable series. This series has entered the obscure definition on set-up of FR, unlike any previous headphone, the user is no longer a passive recipient, but active discover. Tune brings joy to the user, the user is headphone tuner, designer of the sound and the joy experience. So we rename this series to be called Anole with national patent and it has more than 2 of FR and will enrich this series.

  • Sensitivity: 106dB-109dB SPL/mW
    Frequency response: 10Hz-20000Hz
    Impedance: 16-29Ω
    Armature units: 6 micro balanced armature drivers
    Noise isolation: 26dB
    Monitor plug: 3.5mm (1/8") connector
    Technical feature: 3 crossover, 3 sound channels

  • 1x IEM Cleaning Tool
    1x Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)
    1x Carrying Case
    1x Instruction Manual