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[Pre-order Promo] QDC DMagic 3D Universal In-ear Monitors

QDC DMagic Universal only comes in its default special wood grain design.
ETA 1-2 weeks.

• Acoustic Chamber
• 3 Dynamic Drivers
• Wood Grain Effect
• Ergonomic Shape

  • Dmagic 3D, a magic series that represents qdc's completed Dynamic technology, is finally available. Dmagic breaks through the limit of dynamic and adopts a new qdc Dmagic patented dynamic acoustic cavity, this design blocks the interference arising from the multi dynamic drivers and completes the frequency division and acoustic tuning alignment outside the headphone housing. This design ensures multi dynamic drivers can achieves binaural consistency and excellent acoustic performances same as multi BA drivers. The shell of universal version is color solid wood by carving for the full body first time.