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QDC Fusion 5 Driver Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

Please contact us at on ear impressions requirements and design selections.

Note: Expected wait for CIEMs is 6-8 weeks.

  • A five-driver hybrid earphone equipped with one dynamic type driver and four balanced armature type drivers, the first qdc as a custom IEM manufacturer with a high share of “70% or more” in the custom IEM market for musicians in China is. The face plate uses Kallaite, which is used for custom IEM products. The internal design of the earphone housing controls the airflow and the precise crossover design maximizes the performance of the driver, and achieves a genre-less sound by tuning suitable for various music genres.

    Flat sound with patented acoustic design that overcomes the challenges of dynamic drivers
    Fusion uses a patented acoustic design. Tuning of a normal dynamic driver is performed after installing it in the earphone housing because of the influence of the space around the driver and airflow. Fusion adopts an independent acoustic space and sound conduit, and makes the dynamic driver independent, so you can tune it before installing it in the earphone housing. As a result, it has consistently achieved a very flat frequency response without being affected by the problem of earphones using a dynamic driver, "the effect of space in the housing on sound."

    Designed for portable environments such as playback on smartphones and audio players
    Fusion is designed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as professional sites. When used with smartphones, etc., earphones that employ many dynamic drivers can reproduce the mid-range frequencies prominently, but the low-range frequencies are weakened and may not be able to exert their original power. By adopting a unique dynamic driver and adjusting the input sensitivity, Fusion can carry a flat, wide sound stage and a spatial expression that can only be experienced at the high end without losing the low frequency range.

    Comes with a dedicated leather case that matches the housing color and a highly durable and soft high-purity silver-plated copper conductor cable
    The case comes with a dedicated premium leather case in light green color that matches the housing color. This leather case has a metal plate engraved with the word "Fusion" and is easy to fit in your hand. The inside of the case is designed to protect your important earphones from shocks when carrying them, such as supporting columns for cables and fixing magnets. The cable comes with "SilverPlated Copper Cable", a high-purity silver-plated copper conductor that uses qdc's unique 2-pin terminal. The highly durable terminals adopted in response to the opinions of professionals and the soft and easy-to-manage cables allow you to use them without stress.

  • Driver:Hybrid type
    Driver configuration:5 Driver Low x 1 (dynamic), Mid x 2, High x 2 Frequency characteristic:10Hz-20kHz
    Input sensitivity:106dB SPL / mW
    Earphone terminal:qdc's proprietary 2-pin terminal
    Cable conductor:High purity silver plated copper conductor
    Input terminal:3.5mm mini terminal cable
    Length:About 122cm
    Accessories:Silver Plated Copper Cable, Original Leather Case, Eartips (Universal Shell Only), Cleaning Tools

  • QDC Fusion Drivers x 1
    Silver Plated Copper Cable x 1
    Original Leather Case x 1
    Eartips(S/M/L) x 1
    Cleaning Tool x 1