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Sennheiser IE 800s in-Ear Headphones

  • IE 800 S
    Sleek and compact, the IE 800 S is a giant where it really matters: in reproducing music. Featuring a refined version of our proprietary Extra Wide Band (XWB) drivers, it redefines the benchmark for crisp and clear in-ear sound performance. The extraordinary musical capabilities of the IE 800 S are complemented by a perfect fit thanks to Comply™ foam ear tips. A cool and attractive look tops off this handcrafted piece of aural excellence.

    An in-ear masterpiece
    Incorporating the next evolutionary step after the groundbreaking IE 800 ear-canal headphones, the IE 800 S contains great technology within a very confined space. Fitted with pioneering solutions like the proprietary 7-mm transducers that create an almost unbelievable sound stage and our patented dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system, the IE 800 S conquers new aural territory for high-end in-ear headphones.

    The music unfolds inside your mind
    Strikingly rich in detail, the IE 800 S generates a stunningly lifelike sound image. Offering brilliant trebles as well as a precise and improved bass sound, these in-ear headphones create the most beautiful musical landscapes for your mind to wander around in. Explore your music in all its glorious depth.

    A brilliantly engineered sound experience
    The IE 800 S features our patented dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system. This innovation overcomes the "masking effect", where low-volume components of a sound are obscured by much louder sounds in a lower frequency range occurring at the same time. Removing the energy from any masking resonances to prevent unwanted peaks, the absorber system makes sure even the finest nuances of sound become audible – enabling a truly high-end listening experience.

    Custom-made wearing comfort
    Supreme sound can be best enjoyed when it comes with supreme comfort. Thus, with the IE 800 S we introduced ergonomically designed viscoelastic memory foam ear tips from Comply™. They shape themselves to each individual’s ear canal for a custom fit, providing great comfort as well as excellent attenuation of external sound.

    Attractively handcrafted in Germany
    Engineered and handcrafted in Germany, the IE 800 S looks as immaculate as you would expect: modern, elegant aesthetics with an attractive matt black finish to its premium scratch-resistant ceramic housing. The IE 800 S even shows its style when it’s not in use, with the newly designed premium leather case for easy storage on the move.

    With best connections
    In the world of high-end sound quality, which is definitely the world of the IE 800 S, details can make a significant difference. The cable connection, for example. So, in addition to the standard cable with a 3.5 mm jack, the IE 800 S comes with a choice of cables with 4.4 mm Pentaconn and 2.5 mm balanced connectors.

  • Technical Data
    Impedance 16 Ω
    Frequency response (Headphones) 5 to 46,500 Hz
    Frequency response diffuse-field equalized
    Max. sound pressure level 125 dB at 1 Vrms
    THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.06% (1 kHz, 94 dB)
    Ear coupling In-Ear
    Weight approx. 8 g (without cable)
    Attenuation -26 dB
    Eartips size S, M, L (Silicone and Comply™)
    Transducer principle (headphones) dynamic, closed

  • What's in the box?
    IE 800 S
    Connectivity cables: 3.5 mm Standard 2.5 mm balanced 4.4 mm balanced Pentaconn
    Ear tips (pairs): 3 x Silcone S, M, L
    3 x Comply™ S, M, L
    Transport leather case
    Micro fibre cloth