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[Jaben Combo] Shanling M1 DAP + Aedle VK-1 Classic Edition

Shanling M1 Color

Shanling M1

  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0,support APTX protocol to ensure Hifi sound quality.
  • Support Bluetooth bi-directional transmission.
  • Bluetooth can be used as a mobile phone and computer decoding amp,Bluetooth headset can also be connected to the Bluetooth speaker for wireless playback.
  • Clock function.
  • Use the Type-C USB connector.
  • Positive and negative can be inserted, technology and human integration.
  • USB bidirectional transmission.
  • Can be connected to a computer and mobile phone as an external decoding amp,USB decoder can also be connected as a digital dial (support WIN and MAC systems,and some with OTG-enabled Android mobile phone ).
  • Up to 8 days deep standby.
  • No need to set the depth of standby,without shutting down after the use of equipment,just pause for one minute will automatically enter the standby,which means that other power consumption (such as decoding and amp chip power supply,etc.),only to retain the wake-up mechanism,a greater reduction in consumption,To achieve long the power button to about 1 second before listen to the music,convenient and quick.

Aedle VK-1


With its speakers made with titanium and neodymium, the VK-1 delivers a perfectly balanced sound for a precise acoustic experience. We carefully worked on the acoustic signature by empowering the bass without compromising the clarity of the mediums and the purity of the trebles. Re-discover your music with the VK-1


Aluminium is paramount for aëdle DNA for our aesthetics philosophy revolves around it. It offers durability and lightweight making our headphones the perfect companions for your every-day travels. Each acoustic chamber is made of aluminium and zinc moulded at high pressure. The parts are then carefully polished, varnished and assembled.