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Shanling M5s Bluetooth Native DSD Portable Music Player

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  • Bigger and brighter

    Shanling M5s utilizes bigger 3.2 inch touch screen from LG, improving brightness and precision of controls.

    Curved glass and sleek metal body

    This design allows firm and comfortable grip. Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating reducing fingerprint smears.

    Build in WiFi for new possibilities

    Supporting DLNA* and AirPlay for the most practical music streamig from your phone or computer. Connect Shanling M5s with your other devices and enjoy high-quality playback of any stored files of music streaming services.

    Thanks to OTA (Over The Air) updates, you will never need to use your computer again for firmwares updates. Connect Shanling M5s to Wi-Fi and your device will be updated to the latest version with just one click

    * Shanling M5s currently supports only DMR class of DLNA

    The highest quality Bluetooth connection

    Shanling M5s support SONY LDAC / Qualcomm aptX / AAC

    Two-way connection over Bluetooth

    Connect Shanling M5s to any Bluetooth speaker and headphones for carefree wireless listening.
    Or use Shanling M5s in Bluetooth receiver mode*, just pair it with your phone or tablet and enjoy your music, movies, Spotify, Tidal or even Youtube with top quality sound.

    * Receiver mode limited to SBC, AAC and LDAC codec.

    High quality Hi-Fi components

    Audio signal restoration: to fully restore audio signal from digital files, Shanling M5s is using special FPGA coding technology independently developed by Shanling, paired with two independent high-quality crystal oscillators from Japanese comany KDS.

    Brand new AKM AK4493EQ: Shanling M5s is first portable player on the market to utilize two pieces of brand new AKM AK4493EQ DAC. Compared to AKM’s most popular AK4490EQ DAC, the new AK4493EQ adopts an improved Velvet Sound architecture and dedicated LSI audio process from AKM’s flagship DAC. It results in better signal-to-noise ratio, lower distortion, better out of band noise and overall higher sound quality, than its predecessor.

    Low pass filtering: Using two TI OPA1612 dual-channel operational amplifiers with completely independent circuits to achieve lowest crosstalk and zero interaction between channels.

    AMP circuit: TWO ADI AD8397 dual op amps with low distortion and high output current assures clean and highly dynamic output, with enough power even for the demanding audiophile headphones.

    Shielding: To prevent undesirable noise interference and electromagnetic radiation from affecting audio performance, parts of audio circuit are shuielded with two copper plates.

    Balanced output

    The four-channel LPF, four-channel amplifier and dual DAC form a fully balanced circuit, providing significantly increased power, higher resolution, improved channel separation, better detail reproduction and overall more pleasing sound quality.

    Improved MTouch 2.0

    Shanling M5s uses new MTouch 2.0 operating system developed by Shanling. Based on user feedback from MTouch 1.0, a variety of gestures have been added to make every day use much more convenient and user-friendly.

    New shorcuts, customizable main menu, new EQ with user made profiles and much more.

    Compact design

    The design of the Shanling M5s has been optimized for one-handed operation.

    Hi-Res Audio

    Shanling M5s is certified by the Japan Audio Society for High-Resolution Audio performance.

  • New DAC Generation: Dual AK4493EQ DAC
    High-quality Bluetooth: LDAC aptX AAC
    M Touch 2.0 OS
    DSD256 Support
    Balanced output 2.5mm and 3.5mm output
    Build in Wi-Fi: DLNA, Airplay, OTA
    Two-way Bluetooth Bidirectional
    USB Audio
    Output impedance: ≤0.3 Ω
    Frequency response: 20HZ~20KHz (-0.5dB)
    External memory: supported up to 512G TF card
    USB interface: Type-C (USB2.0)
    Battery: lithium battery for 3400mAH
    Playing hours: 16-17 hours (3.5 mm) 9-10 hours (2.5 mm)
    Charging hours: 3-4 hours

  • Shanling M3S Player x 1
    Screen Protector x 2 sets
    USB-C Charging Cable x 1
    User Manual x 1