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Shanling ME500 SHINE 1DD+2BA Hybrid Driver In-ear Monitor Earphone

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  • Shanling ME500 Shine is the latest triple-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors from the excellent "ME" series of IEMs by Shanling. The pair boasts stunning looks with its extremely beautiful platinum-coated high-density brass cavities. Experience your music with high-resolution clarity with a Knowles composite dual TWFK-30017 mid and high-frequency driver and a 10mm nano-coated low-frequency dynamic driver unit.

    Promise Of An Excellent Sound With Triple Driver Hybrid Setup:-

    Shanling ME500 Shine boasts a powerful triple driver hybrid setup housing a powerful 10mm carbon nano-plated dynamic driver unit and a Knowles TWFK-30017 dual balanced armature driver unit. The dynamic driver is tuned to deliver a powerful, punchy lower-end response while the dual BA unit produces a high-resolution mid and high-frequency response.

    A.C.P.C Front Cavity Pressure Management Technology:-

    Shanling has developed an advanced A.C.P.C(Anterior Cavity Pressure Centralisation) front cavity internal pressure integrated design for the ME500 Shine. The double-guided structure reduces low-frequency resonance and enhances the low-frequency response with the pair, experience a fast, punchy, and impactful lower end with the Shanling ME500 Shine.

    Redefining The Legacy Of ME500:-

    ME500 is a highly successful pair from the house of Shanling Audio. With the ME500 Shine, Shanling redefines that legacy in an all-new avatar featuring premium high-density brass cavities with shiny platinum plating. High-density brass cavities show ultimate control over the audio signal resonance inside the cavity and present the user with a pure and natural sound.

    Not One, But Two High-Purity Cables Inside The Package:-

    Shanling ME500 Shine comes packed with not one, but two high-purity cables. It has one silver-plated copper cable with a balanced 4.4mm termination and another monocrystalline copper cable with a single-ended 3.5mm termination.

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